Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Monday, 20 March 2017

2017 Easter Swap (this crept up on me!!)

This will be a super fast swap as Easter is only 4 weeks away (oh my - time is flying!)

What to do:

make something Easter orientated (ie dishcloth, bag, mug rug, mug cosie, bookmark, rabbits, chickens etc) (suggestion is to start now...)
buy something Easter orientated (ie fabric, egg cup, stationery, teacup, mug etc etc)
buy some Easter chocolate
contact your partner for address/find out their favourite Easter things
send off to your partner

Please leave a comment below if interested and state if you are willing to post within your own country/region or worldwide.

Sign ups close March 27
I'll post partners on the same day late at night NZ time (12 hours ahead of UK ; at least 18 hours ahead of USA)
last posting date is April 7

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

so I did this last night...

on total IMPULSE! Applied to do the postgrad teaching diploma (primary school level) at the University of Auckland. 2018.

Who knows what will become of it... I've a massive advantage with years working in a school, at a Pasifika school, with huge education knowledge, qualified librarian...

I'm crap at maths.

We'll see.....

Sunday, 12 March 2017


Oh boy have we had RAIN! A couple of hours ago it was so intense we just stood inside watching with our mouths open! Many, many suburbs have major flooding - we had flooding on our front yard, but as house is up a few steps, it was okay. We are also in a volcanic rock area, so the water went away as fast as it arrived.

It has stopped now and I believe the weather forecast will improve over the next few days - it will take weeks for many places to dry out - I know people whose houses/basements/garages have flooded. We've been told to stay at home if at all possible, so that's what I'm doing.

92% humidity too, which is hideous...

15 minutes from my home...

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Hot off the needles today

Amid the HUGE amounts of rain that the top half of the North Island has seen (it has been incredible with major flooding all over the place and the most funniest thing? Auckland is now in the midst of a MAJOR water crisis! There is too much silt from too much rain and the water plants can not treat the water fast enough for our consumption! So we are all being urged to save huge amounts of water, even though we are drowning in it! if we don't we'll be getting UN-treated water through our taps and having to boil everything we use. We have a month of huge restrictions!) I have finished this today!

It is Beech Hill and was a very easy knit. I started it last August before the Knit August Nights wool retreat and it finally came off my needles this afternoon. I used a gorgeous Drops Lima mix of 65% wool and 35% alapca - it is divine. I used 6 x 50 gram balls, which makes it an incredibly cheap garment!! (so well under what pattern said of 928 metres - i used 600 metres! - might go back and look at stash).

My new gorgeous broach in the mail today - a surprise gift from my cousin Jackie - she also sent me this... s-w-o-o-n - my colours - LOVE! A lovely surprise!

(ps - not sure I like how grey my hair looks from the photos!)

Thursday, 9 March 2017

last of the road trip

It's raining. Hallelujah. For days. Autumn certainly is coming in slowly.
I've started university - in a real lecture theatre - well there are only 10 of us in the class. let's rephrase that - there is me with 9 x 19 year olds!

It is hilarious! It really is a lot of fun. The lecturer told me I should cream them all. Well..uh... a pass is great to me!

They sit there, writing zero notes, tapping away on their cell phones under the desks... ha!

I spent today at work covering a ton of new books around students watching me all day long.
Now I just want to fall asleep but I've 2 essays to write...

These photos are from our Napier, Hastings and Taupo part of the January road trip. I'd love to be back on holiday again.... 6 or 7 more weeks I think....

This little shop in Napier was divine - loved their little seat outside where you could add to their knitting

lots and lots of great art deco around

views from the top of Napier Hill - that was a killer of a bike ride, but the best way to see a city going a lot further than walking!

cycled through the Botanical Gardens

down along the waterfront -

back into the city -

from above the Port of Napier -

Can't go to Napier without some wine tasting -

Then over to The Mission vineyard for a yummy light lunch

this platter was perfect!

I don't ever remember visiting Hastings before -

And from there a drive over to Taupo for a night. The De Bretts camp ground is fabulous with great hot pools.

Impressed with the camping cabin!

Over to Mangakino - not a lot there these days -

And a bit of New Zealand land war history to round a fabulous trip off.

Now when are the next school holidays?!

I'm not that in love with my job at the moment...

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Hooray it's Friday

Well it was Friday yesterday - I ditched this and went out for dinner.

I know, I know I had no school yesterday, but I'm still happy it is Friday!
My Thursdays will become my mental health day I think! I'm finding work exhausting and frustrating and the traffic alone to get there these days is just draining. I can't catch public transport as it would take 3-4 seperate journeys and possibly 2-3 hours to get there! I'm not prepared to do that for my job! There are zero jobs out there for me to apply for either and really, I just think I'd quit this city if I left. A small issue of the teens being pulled out of NZ's biggest city and the trauma it really would cause...

I've had enough trauma - a kid time-tabled wrong at school (by the school) and two weeks into the term being asked to totally change his entire timetable, subject teachers and class mates for every single class if he wanted to stay in the drama academy. There was drama I tell you with the kid telling the school that he wasn't moving and that they needed to sort it out as he was still going to do drama too. The school was very good about it, but it didn't go the kid's way and he moved classes with some trauma...

University starts next week, but I'm already well on my way with everything being on line for a month now.

I've new glasses. I've also new contact lenses for the first time in over 10 years. I find it a bit hard to believe that I just throw them away after one wear... and I hated taking them out last night.

We should just sit and think about the sums of money that have just disappeared in the last month...
Glasses $1200 (contacts are trials, so I haven't even paid for those yet); my university fees are $2000; school uniform $500; stupid compolsury i-pad for school $450; school stationery $70; school fees $800 (this is a "free" government school); new coffee machine $600 (the one and only vice for my husband is real coffee in the morning); doctor visit for a rash for me $150.... My head and wallet is reeling.... I just don't know how the average family lives in NZ anymore. There are zero living costs in this amount... apart from $450 for part of the school fees that can be claimed back via tax, the rest (well not the coffee machine!) one couldn't avoid... The eldest has to pay $4000 for university fees next week too. I'm grateful he has a job and can pay those himself!

Anyway, it's the weekend with 2 family events I'd rather just stay home, a mountain of laundry to do, other tips everywhere - it'll jsut have to build up for the next week to grow bigger. Somewhere I need to carve out pages of notes for essays too - i have to get a big headstart with work brain deadness at night and tiredness... do it while I've some energy!

Monday, 20 February 2017

Send a little love Swap

I took part in Tracy's annual Send a Little Love Swap. I was partnered with Montse all the way over in Spain. I think this might be the first time ever I've had mail from Spain!

The idea of this swap is to send 5 things to include :
Some sewing or yarny notions that have a love theme
Something heart shaped or themed
Something deliciously edible
Something handmade
Something red 

This is what I sent to Montse -
heart fabric and DMC threads for crafting with
Stickers and socks heart themed
Whitakers chocolate

 New Zealand tea and some ribbon
 a ceramic heart with the Maori word aroha, which means love
I knitted a heart dishcloth too -

My package from Spain arrived at school on Friday - in between the multiple packages of new books (I have ordered SO much already!) and packages for me - school mail can be quite exciting!

Montse sent me all these goodies!
I adore the cross stitching on the notebook and the patterns in the stitching book are fab - little teacups even!
Very bright wool and cute heart buttons and pins (I struggle finding anything but normal pins in NZ!), plus some lollies and a small sample of tea. Pens are always handy for me too!
Thank you so much Montse (she does not blog) and also to Tracy for another fab swap. Always a lovely way to start the year.