Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Monday, 20 November 2017

Sydney Botanical Gardens

Kristy and I walked a ton in Sydney. The Sydney Botanical Gardens are right in the city, over to the side and it's a huge, huge area which I had never walked through before. They are on a jut of land right by the harbour with incredible views. We entered from across the road from the NSW State Library, which is pictured below (the old bit of the library).
It was a truly beautiful walk through the gardens and when you get down to the bottom, the Opera House is right there! Incredible views and amazing being so close to the bottom part of the central business district. We barely touched on the gardens though, as it is huge!
A fabulous walk and better than pounding the city streets, which we also did plenty of last weekend.

Sunday, 19 November 2017

a quilt finish

I started this back in the July school hols, with a friend teaching me how to cut squares. The squares were all sewn together then (all scraps). Earlier this week, I cut the borders (whew! That was  a learning experience - working on the floor does wonders!) and then the backing. It was another new experience for me pinning and then also learning how to make my own bias binding. There was a bit of muttering at the machine over that...

But anyway - a finished product! The border fabric was the only newly purchased fabric - all the rest was from my stash. I tied the squares - boy was that hard getting through the layers..

But I'm happy! Another one ticked off the cousins' challenge list! And fabulous to teach myself new skills!

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Impulse Sydney

I've been back to Australia (2 visits in 5 weeks!). My best friend from when I lived in Melbourne, Kristy, flew up to meet me there for the weekend. My flight over was delayed 2.5 hours, so I didn't get to the hotel till 9pm at night (11pm NZ time) and basically stayed on NZ time all weekend! I didn't go to bed till 3am NZ time that night!
Sydney is big. Considerably bigger than little Auckland and Auckland is NZ's biggest city (my boys think Auckland is a little town!) We walked and walked and walked all weekend. We stayed at the Meriton up by the Central train station, so it was a bit of a hike down to the harbour bridge/opera house etc. Between the Gold Coast and Sydney I bought some decent walking shoes, as my feet killed me with all the walking I did in the GC trip. What a difference decent walking shoes make!

George Street (the main street) in Sydney is a mess, as the entire thing is being ripped up for light rail. It will be brilliant when it is done, but i suspect the retailers are not happy , particularly with Christmas around the corner. I wish for Auckland to have light rail one day....

Kristy and I had such stunning weather all weekend. The humidity does not suit me, so it was 2-3 showers a day for me. Yes I know it is only early in summer....

The harbour is stunning with the bridge and opera house. We walked down via the State Library and the Botanical Gardens (both new to me) to these views on the Saturday. Kristy has lived in Sydney, so  knows her way around really well - I went to places I hadn't been to since 2003! And discovered lots of new places too. It is a marvellous city to walk through, with gorgeous buildings, a thriving nightlife (there is no way you can turn up to a restaurant at 11pm at night here in Auckland and be served, but in Sydney one can!!). The night markets were thriving in China Town at 11.30pm; huge amounts of people still out and enjoying things well after midnight - a truly international city. (but then maybe I don't get out enough in Auckland....). The vibrancy is something else.

So much to see. I'd love to see more of the suburbs and the North Shore one day.. Here's one stunning city....

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Just things

We are being hit with the most impressive thunder and fork lightning display. Right as schools are finishing for the day and the news is telling people not to leave any building... 

I've spent 3 hours at my old school day - took in the books I've donated and sat and covered them and got the students all excited as they thought I had returned for good.... sadly no.

I picked this up from the framers - I am so delighted with how it has been framed. Circles are a new thing to me in framing.

I was in Australia over the weekend (yes.. again....) and found a Muji (I've only ever been in a smaller Hong Kong one) and discovered this gorgeous thing...

I rather love it...
 And new stripey tees (I am mad on stripes!)
 And of course cheap as chips Muji stationery. Little things make me happy.
 Loving this blossom....

 And the one and only pic the just turned 14 year old would let me take on his birthday last week. ONE PHOTO !! I was *not* happy about that situation and not even one with me, but he would *not* allow it... sob, sob, sob.

A lovely surprise package from England of yummy biscuits (do read this book and the previous one - a total gem!)
 And another surprise package from Christina  - oh my. Lots and lots of yarny goodness - her sock yarn "scraps" - they re very generous balls! And such divine colours too. Along with some sweet fudge, which I am slowly nibbling away at each night. Thank you so much Christina. Her blog is just lovely and makes me smile and laugh.

 A sunset.
This is my first real whole week of freedom. The husband mentioned the "get clearing the clutter" phrase today... I will, I will (in my own time of course ;) ).