Creative Chaos

Creative Chaos

Monday, 22 May 2017

A month ago...

Photos taken a month or so ago at Ashford in Ashburton in the South Island - autumn colours which you struggle to find up here!
And the best wool shop out!

I'm dying from 60 hour weeks combining university and work. The next 3 weeks are mental, with the last essay due and an exam, but i don't even have many exam notes to study yet.

I told my principal I was leaving in term 3 today - 16 more weeks of school to go.
I'll take a term off to regain brain power and potter around at home. Sounds idyllic!

 YEP - I AM short !

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Postcard from the Catlins

(Thursday May 11, 2017) My university lecture was cancelled today - a moment of great glee for me. Of course I've just looked at the tip in this house (as little was done while I was very sick in the school hols) and then consequently scrubbed a shower, emptied rubbish bins, cleaned up my bedroom, added to the op shop pile all in the name of essay avoidance. I've another one due in a week, another one due in 3 weeks and then an exam in 4 weeks - this all just frankly terrifies me! I could just happily quit work and stay home and do it all (the prospect of that happening could happen... I'm now taking the job term by term.... yes my focus and love is dwindling.....)

Anyway weeks ago, I visited the incredible Catlins area way down the bottom of the South Island. If you want empty roads, few tourists and stunning scenery, it is recommended! I'll be taking the husband back (it truly holds zero interest for teenage boys and I won't even bother trying to even attempt a family trip down there!).

(Sunday, May 14,2017 - Mother's Day but commercial hogwash in this house, so non-existent and I'm okay with that! )

The Catlins is stunning - I *think* this was the lighthouse at Waipapa Point - pity it was under re-construction! -  it was FREEZING, so we didn't hang around long! This is the bottom of the South Island! Lighthouses info of Southland is here

 Curio Bay blew me away - we saw a 180 million year old petrified forest - if you see the diagonal lines in the rocks - those are the trees! This was a wild, wild coastline - incredible just watching the waves and the sea come barrelling in!

 And a couple of general viewpoints on teh way back to Dunedin. I'd lvoe to go back and stay at some of the cribs (holiday homes - North Islanders call them baches!) one day - quite an isolated part of New Zealand, but i was amazed at how many holiday settlements there were. Such incredible scenery everywhere and very doable over a couple of days, but I'd love to stay longer!

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Sewing blitz!

I've had a manic weekend. Friday night was spent finishing the most rubbish essay of my university history (and the MOST stressful one ever to do!) and submitting it.

Yesterday I spent all day with my aunt on her overlocker and sewing machine sewing more of my handmade wardrobe. We had a bit of a production line going - me cutting out patterns and fabric and overlocking ( OH! I need an overlocker - so much easier and faster and a much more professional finish than the old zigzag!) - and her doing lots of the sewing!  I am beyond thrilled with the 4 items we finished yesterday!

The shorts were tricky - yep - waaaaay past my knowledge level - in fact she ended up ditching and changing the pattern part way through! I'm lucky as Auntie Rayma spent years and years sewing for top New Zealand labels and commercial sewing/own clients/wedding dresses etc! She is FAST! I would have finished a dart or something and she'd have half the garment finished in the same time!

These are the skirt and short patterns (dress pattern at aunts.)

The skirt fabric was purchased from Spotlight - the italian wool fabric for the dress and shorts from Drapers Fabrics in Newmarket. I'm pretty happy with about a $100 outlay for four new wardrobe items! Not sure I can really go and buy clothing anymore from clothing shops!

Another skirt and dress all cut out and ready to go.... weeee - on a roll!

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Easter Swap 2017

Two more sleeps until Term Two. I'm still battling on the most hideous essay of my university career! HATING it and can't be bothered.... and going back to school after being sick for a week , which just makes me even more resentful at having to go back....

Anyway - cheerier things like my Easter swap happened! I swapped with Glenda, who is a local (and blogless). The funny thing is that all the other participants in my swap - well we'd all swapped with each other pretty recently in various things recently too!

This is the gorgeous package received from Glenda perfectly timed. Lots of lovely packagin!

 a very cute vintage tin with choc eggs inside
 a porcelain bunny (still sitting on my window sill currently)
 Glenda made these plaster decorations herself - aren't they fab?
 vintage stickers and envelopes (also made by Glenda)
 serviettes (ha - we sent each other identical ones!) and I love my new coasters!

Every year I always pop along to the Bed Bath and Table shop and always find a few new goodies for me and other people -  I can never go past their tea towels, so Glenda received one from me...

 some cute measuring spoons and a bunny ornament..
 a wire basket; chocolate chic and snap serviettes
 And I also knitted her a bunny rabbit dishcloth!

Easter seems ages ago now - I wish the school hols were just starting again.... Thank you so much Glenda for being an awesome swap partner once again!

Monday, 24 April 2017

Hot off the Press today....

Moi.....  I'm sick. I have university essays to write.... not happy about much at the moment...

This is pretty cool though.... I am known throughout the country...

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Easter Greetings ... a week later!

Written nearly a week ago - time in the school hols is flying! I've been away again  - this time to Christchurch, Ashburton, Temuka and Timaru. The silly thing - I left my phone charger in Dunedin two weeks ago on my last trip - well this time I left my camera on the back seat of my friend's car in Christchurch.... SIGH! Maybe my dear friend April will do an impulse trip up here to bring my camera back, following in my footsteps with the impulse trip to Dunedin/Invercargill etc to take my cousin back her I-pad she left up here... we seem a brainless lot down under! Hee hee.

GOOD news - no great news - a A- grade for one essay and an A grade for another! I'm delighted. But really the last week of the school hols will be spent belting out 2 more essays - one I've named the worst essay of my university career - it is a career for the years I've spent at university so far! This is the paper for the useless, totally absent lecturer - a whole lot of people are not happy with her... she, we've heard, is a tough cookie, so I am pleased with my A- grade from her, but zero essay back with zero comments, which is really what we look for!

Well no camera equals zero photos... if I could figure out how to use photos from my phone... not sure I am that clever!

Hope kiwis are enjoying the school hols... and others spring!


I've been lazy this Easter - it is such a low key event in our family (both extended family where 95% see it as another day and its a few chocolate eggs and that's it really!) - I didn't even climb up into the attic to get down the decorations this year.

The oldest is working 10 hours today for normal pay. He is a bit grumpy about that. Everything is shut, but it's a normal day for employees having to work - not even a public holiday. Tomorrow Monday IS a public holiday , which seems crazy when it is less religious than today! All political and traditional here really - only 16% or so go to church; under 50% are christian - I really do think our laws are a bit archaic and we are hardly a christian country. It is good though that people get to spend time with family and friends.

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Good night(ie)

Joining in with Sew, Stitch, Snap, Share

A bit of sewing these past two days. Sewing, like knitting for me, is making things I really don't need, but I enjoy it! Since I'm on a mission to sew or knit my wardrobe and I love fabric and wool, I keep on going...

I'd never sewn a nightie before and like this multi use pattern a lot - Simplicity 1561 (Pattern Postie has Simplicity and other patterns half price at the moment!).

I did struggle with the placement of the sleeve going in (engineer husband to the rescue!), but otherwise it was a good straight forward sew!

The spotty one first...

And then the gorgeous organic cotton Cloud 9 fabric next (funny thing is I chose this fabric; got home and opened my big bin of fabric from under the bed... and found 2 more metres of it! I'll probably make a skirt with the other fabric)

I know its autumn, but I'm still in t-shirts and shorts and summer nighties!